Popular Hair Extensions Methods

Hot Fall Trends In San Jose 

If you’re wondering what type of hair extensions San Jose ladies will wear this fall, (yes, I’m tentatively suggesting that fall might finally be on its way), then look no further.    Bobs, bangs, curls, waves, or straight, the latest hairstyles lay a strong emphasis on individualism and call for a little extra oomph that only hair extensions can offer!    

San Jose hairdressers are using extensions in innovative new ways to transform hair into new structures that embrace natural textures. You can get a simple haircut or an extensive coloring or highlighting, all with your hair extensions.  I’m guessing that you’ve already picked a good quality product.   

Types of Hair Extensions San Jose Hair Stylists Use

Weaves, tape-ins, clip-ins, and pre-bonded will play center stage in many hair transformations this season. However, as a San Jose resident, what should you choose?  Fashion and style in San Jose have always stood out and is sometimes ranked as strange, weird, or artistic.   

The creativity bursting from the pores of the city flows through the fashion sector to beauty and hair. With boho-inspired hairstyles, it’s not a surprise that even when choosing top hair extensions San Jose, you should emulate the tone of the city.    

There are so many different types of hair extensions out there, so this post will focus on the types of extension needed to achieve your next amazing hairdo.       

The Curly Shag  Recommended Extension Type: Curly Tape-ins   

Yes, the shag is back, but this time it’s more refined. We’ve seen a few celebs and models, like Alanna Arrington and Alison Brie wearing this 80s hairstyle with a natural texture and full body.  If you’re naturally blessed with curls, don’t be afraid to give this a try. To pull it off with ease, use hair extensions with curls to get that bouncy, layered look without sacrificing your real hair.

Bone Straight Tresses  Recommended Extension Type: Tape-ins or Great Lengths

Time to plug in that flat iron because bone straight hair is here to stay and not going away any time soon. Bone straight hair extensions in San Jose are a popular choice. But, remember that serums and hair oils are your friends for the perfect look. When it comes to bone straight hairstyles, use tape-ins for a flat, pin-straight look.      

The Wavy Blowout Recommended Extension Type: Tape-ins  

Santa Cruz born Marisa Miller wears a perfect example of a wavy blowout and looks absolutely beach ready. To pull off this hairstyle, you’ll need to put down the styling iron and grab some hot rollers. If you’ve got thick hair, you’ll need a heavy product like a pomade or beach spray for a stronger hold     Wavy blowouts aren’t going away anytime soon. You can get creative with a classy bouncy blowout for a fresher look or stick to a modern blowout.   When it comes to blowouts, our main options used to be straight or wavy. But today, we’re finding that we want a bit of both, blended into one effortless (yet hard-to-describe) texture.   But no matter your choice, you will need help to get a full, healthy head of hair by adding in some extensions.  

Bangs Bangs Bangs!  Recommended Extension Type: Micro tape-ins  

The answer to the age-old question, Should I get bangs? Yes—a thunderous yes! Bangs are laid-back, chic, and flattering on most face shapes.  The good news is that with Micro tape-ins, you can get bangs in less than a minute! Yep! You can get all the fringe benefits of bangs without having to cut your hair.

Conclusion: The right hair extensions San Jose stylists recommend will embrace your natural look and also show off your unique taste without looking outlandish or fake – ‘FAKE’ is a highly dreaded word in beauty circles these days.  Maybe the days of obvious and old-fashioned faux extensions, eyelashes, and nails will be back again. But right now, it’s all about authentic looks. So when choosing hair extensions, your mindset should be centered around quality products that will enhance your look and style. 

Quality extensions can be washed almost as if they were your own natural hair. Avoid using conditioner near the tape as this can result in slippage. With proper maintenance, you will look inconspicuous, and yet fabulous enough to keep people wondering how you managed to grow hair like Rapunzel.